Shanghai Zutong Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Zutong Technology, headquartered in Shanghai with a branch office in Beijing. With 12 years of establishment, the company focuses on telecommunications services and serves as the independent operator of IoT projects within the group. It is also one of the primary partners of the three major telecommunications operators.

Through its self-built IoT card platform, the company provides various types of IoT card products, including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and NB-IoT, along with multiple services such as IoT card management platform and operations. The company's products and services are widely recognized and acclaimed in sectors such as power, logistics, healthcare, and industrial applications. The mission of the company is to achieve the interconnection between people and things, promote the development of informatization and intelligence through the application and popularization of IoT cards, and create value for customers. With a customer-centric approach and a commitment to continuously improving customer experience, the company aims to become a leading global IoT card supplier.
12 Years of Deep Cultivation in the Communication Industry
Dedicated to IoT Applications, the Trusted Choice of Hundreds of Thousands of Customers
Company Culture
Becoming the Global Leading IoT Card Supplier. Creating Value and Opportunities for Customers through Technological and Service Innovations.
Customer-Centric Approach.
Providing High-Quality IoT Cards and Solutions.
Assisting Customers in Achieving Business Success.
Integrity, Honesty, Diligence, Communication.
Benefiting Others, Selflessness, Fearlessness in the Face of Challenges.
Becoming the World's Leading Enterprise in IoT Cards.
Assisting Customers in Achieving Smart and Digital Transformation.
Contributing to the Sustainable Development of Human Society.
Company Advantages
Reliable Communication Network Assurance

Professional Development Team

Feature-rich IoT Card Operation Platform

Efficient Operational Capabilities

As a company specializing in the IoT card industry, Shanghai Zutong has clear advantages in communication networks. We have established partnerships with the three major telecommunication operators and possess a nationwide coverage of communication networks. This ensures that our IoT cards can achieve stable data transmission across the country.
Zhutong possesses a passionate and innovative technical team that consistently introduces new IoT card products and solutions. Our card management platform and IoT card operation platform are continuously optimized and upgraded to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Zhutong possesses independent IoT card management and operation platforms that allow real-time monitoring and management of card operations. This ensures the stability and reliability of IoT cards.

With 12 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Zhutong has served over 100,000 Internet companies. Our efficient and professional operations team empowers enterprises in achieving a connected world for all things.

Domestic IoT Cards
VPDN Dedicated Network Card

NB-IoT Cards
International IoT Cards
IOT Card Introduction
Zhutong Technology's IoT cards are suitable for various scenarios, including smart cities, logistics, energy, security, and other industries.
Our products are characterized by high reliability, multiple access methods, and a wide range of application scenarios.
Zhutong Technology's IoT cards are suitable for various scenarios, including smart cities, logistics, energy, security, and other industries.
Our products are characterized by high reliability, multiple access methods, and a wide range of application scenarios.
We provide IoT cards for all major domestic telecommunications operators including China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom. Our range of IoT cards includes 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G options. We offer various tariff packages such as daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, along with services for SMS and data pools.
For high-security demand scenarios such as public utilities and government, the VPDN card can support special services such as dedicated line encryption and blacklisting/whitelisting. These features ensure enhanced security measures and control over the network connections in such sensitive environments.

NB-IoT cards have the advantages of wide coverage, large connectivity, and low power consumption. They are widely used in various vertical industries such as remote meter reading, smart street lighting, village-wide broadcasting, and intelligent trash bins, which involve low-power devices.

Covering five continents and over 220 popular countries and regions, our international IoT cards eliminate the need for separate SIM card purchases. With global network coverage, you can enjoy seamless connectivity without boundaries. We offer a variety of data packages, including monthly, quarterly, and annual plans with different data allowances. You can also customize your package by choosing single-country or cross-regional combinations to suit your specific needs.

Products & Services
From hardware support and process operations to user activation and monetization, Zutong provides one-stop solution support.
Hardware OEM
Triple-network Module
Triple-Network IoT Cards
Cloud-based Management
SMS/MMS Messaging
5G Messaging
Voice Broadcasting
Marketing Brain
Card Management
Data Traffic Management
Profit Sharing Management
NB-IoT Cards
VPDN Dedicated Network Cards
International IoT Cards
Wi-Fi Module
LPWA Module
Connected Car Module
IoT Cards
Management Platform
Aggregated Marketing

IoT Card Platform Functions

Account Management

Zhutong Technology's IoT card management platform provides users with a comprehensive and powerful solution.

The platform offers a wide range of rich and complete functionalities to cater to diverse needs.

Data Pool Management
Channel Management
Financial Management
Operations Analysis
Real-time Monitoring
Users can conveniently register, recharge, query, and manage their accounts through the card management platform, enabling a seamless and efficient experience.
The card management platform supports users in managing and monitoring data pools. It allows flexible configuration based on specific needs, catering to the requirements of different application scenarios.
The card management platform supports users in managing and monitoring various channels, enabling convenient operations such as card sales, distribution, and management.
The card management platform supports users in managing and monitoring their financial accounts, including fee settlements, invoice management, and reconciliation functionalities. This ensures accurate and error-free financial management.
The card management platform provides data analysis capabilities, allowing users to gain insights into their business operations. By leveraging data analysis, users can better optimize their business strategies and performance.
The card management platform supports real-time monitoring, enabling users to have a clear view of card usage. Real-time monitoring helps in promptly identifying and resolving issues, ensuring the stability of business operations.
Low data usage applications
Medium data usage applications
High data usage applications
Industrial Equipment
Industrial equipment includes applications such as remote meter reading for smart water, electricity, and gas meters, as well as data collection for production equipment. These devices have low data requirements, low power consumption, and high data security requirements. For such scenarios, we recommend choosing NB-IoT data plans as part of our unified card solution. NB-IoT offers stable network connectivity, wide coverage, and strong penetration capabilities.
Smart Agriculture
In smart agriculture scenarios, IoT cards can be used to provide services such as environmental data monitoring, soil and water temperature monitoring, temperature data collection, and agricultural product traceability. These applications typically generate small amounts of data, requiring around 2-30MB of monthly data usage.
Mobile Terminal Devices
Taking fingerprint mobile collection terminals, logistics barcode scanners, tax control invoice printers, and mobile POS machines as examples, IoT cards provide stable and secure low-data solutions for such devices. This helps reduce manual management costs and ensures efficient operation.
30M monthly data allowance
Shared Devices
For shared rental devices such as shared bicycles, electric scooters, battery exchange cabinets, power banks, shared massage chairs, shared wheelchairs, shared umbrellas, etc., we provide stable network connectivity and device interconnectivity services. Through our cloud-based service center, we offer remote monitoring and comprehensive services, optimizing deployment and enhancing user experience.
Smart Logistics
For long-haul trucks, trackers, delivery robots, and other devices requiring real-time location and status monitoring, we offer solutions that enable remote control of the devices. Additionally, we provide usage-based pricing plans tailored to the local region, helping to reduce operational costs.
Smart Retail
We provide tailored data solutions for retail devices such as smart PoS machines, vending machines, and intelligent lockers. These solutions help reduce manual management costs while ensuring reliable connectivity for these devices.
30M to 2G monthly data allowance
Wearable Devices
We offer comprehensive connectivity solutions for wearable devices, including smart wristbands, smart glasses, smart blood pressure monitors, and smartwatches. Our solutions enable ultra-precise GPS positioning, seamless data upload to the cloud, and real-time voice and video communication capabilities for these devices.
Connected Cars
We provide real-time location and status services for smart vehicle devices, including electric bicycles, self-balancing scooters, and autonomous vehicles. Our solutions enable these devices to constantly sense their position and status, allowing for automatic control and enhanced functionality.
Security Surveillance
We offer reliable and efficient data connectivity solutions for various applications, including factory construction, traffic security, community access control, and remote surveillance. Our tailored data plans ensure seamless connectivity for remote monitoring, enabling real-time diagnostics and prompt issue resolution. By leveraging our solutions, businesses can optimize operations, enhance security, and reduce overall costs.
Monthly data allowance exceeding 2G

IoT Card Application Scenario Solutions

One-Stop IoT Card Application Solution

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